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Inspection probe kit Berkut-3M

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The inspection probe Berkut-3M is designed to control soft and loose mass, search for solid objects and packages, including the possibility of sampling controlled.

Inspection probes are made with a specially shaped hole for taking samples from the inserts of the pierced objects (soft and cardboard packaging, seats in vehicles, bulk cargo).Replaceable probes are screwed onto a metal handle. The kit was developed taking into account the comments of qualified users of inspection equipment.

You can choose the material:

Application Transport/cargo inspection EOD
Material Steel titan/carbon


Set of probes 2 with extension;

  • The length of the working part of the short probe – 230 mm;
  • The length of the working part of the long probe – 400 mm;
  • The length of the probe extension: 400 mm.
  • Bag-packing
  • Passport
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