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Досмотровый фонарь Визор-ДП5

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Search and inspection illuminator"Visor-DP5" is intended for:

-carrying out search works at the places of emergency situations;

- search for evidence when examining crime scenes;

- carrying out inspection work at checkpoints and inspection;

- carrying out inspection activities by security services.

The shock-resistant body of the flashlight allows it to be used as a self-defense weapon.



Light source: 1 LED

Body material: anodized aluminum

Waterproof: IP64

Illumination: up to 1000lm

Lighting range not less than: 350m

Working time, not less: 4 hours.

Size no more: 250x65x30mm

Illuminator weight (without batteries): no more than 350g.

Power: 2х18650



  1. Illuminator– 1 pc
  2. Belt pouch– 1pc
  3. Automatic charger for two batteries (adapter 220V and adapter 12V auto - 1pc
  4. Buttery18650 -2 pc
  5. Users manual / passport
  6. Bag stacking (protected case - optional)

A declaration of conformity is attached to the illumonator.

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