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Violet light source Dozor-405

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The Dozor-405 forensic light source is a compact powerful light source designed to search for evidence at the scene. 

Dozor-405 is used to search for biological fluids (semen, saliva, urine), search for blood on a dark background, search and analyze bone tissue, identify abrasions and bruises.

For visualization of biological traces supplied with a forensic light source attached yellow and orange glasses and optical filters.

In contrast to UV light, violet light does not destroy the DNA.


- search for biological traces (forensic activity);

- verification of the authenticity of banknotes and securities;

- detection of hidden defects in materials

- checking the quality of products, food, etc.

- analysis and search for minerals


Delivery set:


- Expert light source with a wavelength of 405nm;

- Yellow glasses - 1 piece;

- Orange glasses - 1 piece;

- Battery at least: 3x2800 mAh;

- Charger;

- Tripod ;

- Shockproof, waterproof case;

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