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Комбинированный поисково-досмотровый фонарь КДФ ДОЗОР-УФ

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The combined inspection lamp KDF Dozor-UV is the latest development of our company, which has no analogues.

The combined inspection light KDF Dozor-UV is a multifunctional source of expert light. Designed for inspection and search operations using visible light, as well as search and detection of visual information under the influence of UV radiation, for example, checking documents or searching for biological particles.

The sturdy heavy body can be used as a self-defense aid.

Time of continuous work at maximum brightness not less than 8 hours.

High UV intensity allows inspection activities with sufficient overall illumination.

Visible light 9000 lx at a distance of 50 cm.

Ultraviolet radiation in the A range, wavelength - 365 nm.

Intensity of UV radiation at a distance of 38 cm, not less than 120,000 mW / m2.

Impact-resistant aluminum alloy with anodizing resistant to mechanical stress and temperature changes, IP65

Memory of the last selected mode, switch modes with one button.

Electronic regulator maintains constant light intensity / brightness as power supplies discharge


Delivery set of KDF Dozor-UV
Combined light source KDF-365-01.0001 1
Protective glass OZ-365-01.0001 1
Belt pouch PCH-01.0002Н 1
Auto Charger ZU-01.000R 1
220V power cable ZU-02.0001 1
12V power cable ZU-03.0001 1
Accumulator type 18650 AKK-18650.000R 3
Protected metal case KA-FМ.0001 1
Operation manual / passport - 1
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