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Forensic light source kit - SVX K-Lite

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SuperPower             Reliability             Effective

All forensic light sources can be ordered with following wavelengths: 280nm*, 365nm, 405nm, 450nm, 500nm, 530nm, 590nm, 630nm, 850nm, 980nm



Professional kit of forensic light sources SVX-K Lite included most necessary 3 expert light modules for detection of biological secretions, fingerprints, traces of blood, seminal fluid, fragments of bones and teeth, various fibers and also needed to solve a wide range of tasks related to expert activity.

Forensic light sources SVX-K Lite was specially designed to crime scene investigation and detection of hidden traces even in good light conditions. Big LED matrix includes 10 ultra-hight power LEDs  which generates powerful luminous flux allows inspects big surfaces thereby increase the incpection speed and quality. 


Beam of UV light source from a distance of 50 cm:

Пятно светочК365    Светоч-К450_50см

SVX-K365                                                         SVX-K450

Светоч-К Белый 50см

SVX-K White (5000K)



Kit included


1. Ultra-high power light. All forensic light sources SVXs have the most  powerful and narrow band LED. The total power of LED in one modules is up to 40W. This power draw near laser light and allows to identify fingerprints on different surfaces wihout powder or reagents.  

2. Modular design. All SVX modules("heads") have universal mounts which fit of all handles and batteries with mark "SVX".  The kit included 3 batteries and 3 modules.

Светоч-К голова и рукоятка

3. Order what you need. Basicly modules have 3 different wavelenth: 365nm, 405nm, 450nm. A customer may order the modules with following wavelength: 280nm*, 365nm, 405nm, 450nm, 500nm, 530nm, 590nm, 630nm, 850nm, 980nm 

4. Hight protection. Forensic light souce have an impact resistant aluminum alloy with anodizing resistant to mechanical stress and temperature changes, protection IP65. No fan, possible to use under rain.

5. Comfortable and compact.

- Light weight. Forensic light source weights up to 1.4 kg. Each kit included lightening handle this belt mout cover for battery. Module with lightening handle weights up to 800gr. Lightening handle may connect to battery or power supply 100-220V and working continiously.

- Compact and usability design.

Each battery has magnetic base that allows you to mount the device on vertical surfaces.

Светоч-К магнит

The forensic light source kit included special metall stands which improve stable characteristics. 

Светоч-К стенд

6. Long working time. All forensic light sources have different working time. Minimum continious working time on maximum power has UV light source - 1 hour (40W). Maximum continious working time can be  more than10 hours. 

Charging time about 1 hour. Operator can charger the accu using 12V or 100-220V.  

7. Adjustable design. The module has three-step adjustments:

Регулировка головы

1. Fingerprint identification
- Powder-free fingerprint detection
Отпечатки пальцев Светоч-К отпечаток уф 1 Отпечаток уф   
- Fluorescent powders
2. Detection of Body Fluids
- Semen under UV
КРовь и биология свет Кровь и биология
- Urine under UV
Биология (моча) и слюна_ Спектр 365
- Saliva
White                                         450nm+amber filter                UV light                           405nm+yellow filter
Слюна видимый МАХ Слюна 450 + янтарный фильтр Слюна УФ МАХ Слюна 405 + желтый фильтр
- Bruise
405nm + yellow filter
источник экспертного света 405 синяк
- Blood detection
 - Small blood stains on the cloth after hydrogen peroxide washing.  
White                                                           UV365nm                                      405nm                        Blue 450nm      
Кровь замытая перекись белый Кровь замытая перекись уф Кровь замытая перекись 405 Кровь замытая перекись 450
- Blood on leatherette after water washing
White                                                         UV365nm                                             Blue450nm
КРовь замытая козжам белый Кровь замытая козжам уф Кровь замытая козжам 450
- Blood and dirt identification. Blood became darker under UV365nm, dirt almost not changed.
White light                                              UV365nm 
Кровь и грязь белый Кровь и грязь УФ
- Visualization of the erased inscriptions on the blackboard
White                                                               Blue 450nm
Старые чернила Визуализация старых чернил
Low angle light source. Footprint
Пылевой след обуви
Video files:
How does it work

Difference on blood: 365*405*450nm

Kit included

1.                 Blue 450nm expert light module          1 pc

2.                 UV 365nm expert light module           1 pc

3.                 UV405nm expert light module            1 pc

4.                 Charger 100-240V                               1 pc

5.                 Cables                                                    1 pc

6.                 Batteries                                                3 pc

7.                 Amber goggles                                      2 pc

8.                 Yellow goggles                                      1 pc

9.                 UV-block goggles                                 2 pc

10.               Orange goggles                                    1 pc

11.               Inverter 12-220V                                  1 pc

12.               Lightening handle kit                          1 kit

13.               Stable stand                                          3 pc

14.               Manual, training manual              1 pc

15.               Strap                                                      3 pc

16.               Protected case                                       1 pc




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