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Forensic scale ruler

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Scale bars are designed to facilitate the transfer operations of one scale to another;linear measurements in a predetermined scale, determining the unknown scale and perform other similar operations.

The forensic scale bar is used to fix the dimensional values of individual objects, small in volume and area.

The main advantage of the magnetic scale is its flexibility, unlike plastic or cardboard, and can follow the curves of the surface, which is important for uneven surfaces.Also, this property of the magnetic ruler is relevant during transportation, it can be rolled up and be quite compact, in contrast to the iron sliding scale ruler.

30cm long magnetic scale bar specially designed for expert action in road traffic accidents.

The length of the ruler allows you to fix it on a metal surface so that a significant part of the ruler goes onto the plastic surface (bumper, threshold) and the expert can take photographs.

The forensic  scale meets all the necessary requirements of the investigative authorities of Russia.

Manufactured dimensions of the rulers:

- 10 сm 

- 15 сm 

- 30 сm 

- 1000 сm 

- Custom designe and logo from 50 pcs. 

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