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Forensic violet light source Dozor-UV365

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The Dozor-UV365 expert light source is a professional high-power ultraviolet light source. Three innovative LEDs enable UV intensities in excess of 20,000 mW / m2.

Impact-resistant aluminum alloy anodized, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature changes.

The electronic regulator maintains a constant radiation intensity as the power supplies are discharged.

Time of continuous work not less than 6 hours

A distinctive feature of this light source is the optical component. Three powerful LEDs have a high degree of focusing for ultimate high intensities.




- search for biological traces (forensic activity);

- verification of the authenticity of banknotes and securities;

- detection of hidden defects in materials

- checking the quality of food and nutrition, etc.

- analysis and search for minerals

- carrying out non-destructive testing;


Delivery set:


-Light source with a wavelength of 365 nm;

- Yellow filter glasses - 2 pcs .;

- Accumulator 3х2800 mAh;

- Charger;


- Shockproof, waterproof case;

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