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Forensic light source kit Dozor Spectrum-450

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The Dozor Spectrum-450 expert light source is a practical tool for searching and analyzing biological traces, blood traces, visualization of fingerprints using DFO, phosphors, research of securities, art objects, etc.

A convenient focusing mechanism makes the device more universal and allows the use of an expert light source when examining the scene of an incident and in laboratory conditions.

The Dozor Spectrum-450 expert light source is supplied with amber, yellow and orange barrier filters (depending on the background).

Expert light source Dozor Spectrum - 450L - this modification has the main difference - a condenser lens. This lens allows you to achieve a uniform field of illumination (no optical aberrations), while maintaining the ability to focus.



- search for biological traces (forensic activity);

- verification of the authenticity of banknotes and securities;

- detection of hidden defects in materials

- checking the quality of food and nutrition, etc.

- analysis and search for minerals

- carrying out non-destructive testing;


Delivery set:


-Light source with a wavelength of 450 nm;

- Yellow filter glasses - 1 pcs .;

- Orange filter glasses - 1 pcs .;

- Battery at least 2800 mAh;

- Charger;

- Tripod

- Shockproof, waterproof case;


Delivery set:

- Yellow filter glasses - 2 pcs .;

- Battery at least 2800 mAh;

- Charger;


- Shockproof, waterproof case;

* Wavelength modifications are possible:

365nm - UV 405nm ** - Violet 450nm ** - Blue 500nm ** - Blue 525nm ** - Green 590nm ** - Gold 630nm - Red

** Set may include contrasting filters

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