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Стационарный осветитель для контроля бэнчмарков ВОЛНА АМ-Р

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The VOLNA AM-R stationary illuminator for paint and varnish control is designed to control the following defects:

- Defects polishing, scratches from grinding;

- Coating holograms.


LED light sources in a metal housing with protective glass.

Light sources :

6 light modules ETG-С50(1507);

Smooth change of luminescence intensity;

Color rendering index CRI ≥ 95.

Optical design:

LED lights integrated into the parabolic reflector;
Lens viewing angle 24 º;

UV protection;

Protective glass:

tempered soda-lime-silicate safety glass, 3 mm thick.


aluminum, powder coating.
Dimensions, no more:

1600х250х100 mm

Operating temperature: 

+5/+40 °С

Protection index, not worse:


Rated voltage:

176-264 В, 50/60 Hz

Power not less::         

80 Wt

Luminous flux, not less: 

4000 lm


Lighting control options:

- Individual execution. Managing one light module. Controllers situated at the rear of the modul;

- Group execution. Managing a group of lights 1 to 5 pcs. Controllers are located on outboard panels;

- General management. The control is carried out by means of a digital touch-panel of the operator "Volna-P". Supports up to 120 lighting. In this case, each luminaries has its own number and the operator can select a specific luminaries and make adjustments.

The design and specifications of the control station can be modified to the requirements of the customer.




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