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Surface inspection lamp VOLNA-AM3

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Inspection station and  light tunnel for visual inspection Volna-AM3 is used for quality contol in manufacturing.

Modular light  allows multiple luminaires to be installed, creating a shadowless chamber or visual inspection area.

Unique optic scheme developed on our enterprise contribute to best effect while reducing eye strain.

Applied optical schemes:

1. For coatings with good reflectivity (varnish, paint, polished surfaces)

2. For coatings with low reflectivity (cataphoresis primer, metal, plastic, etc.)


The illuminator has a source of "cold" light (6500K) and two sources of "warm" light (4000K).

Illuminators are manufactured with both fluorescent lamps and energy-saving LED lamps.

The design of the lights is protected by tempered glass.

It is possible to replace the lighting unit.



Lighting control options:

- Individual design. Control of a single illuminator. The controls are located on the back wall of the illuminator;

- Group performance. Control of a group of illuminators from 1 to 5 pcs. The regulators are located on the remote panels;

- General management. Control is carried out using the digital touch panel of the operator "Volna-P". In this case, each illuminator has its own number and the operator can select a specific illuminator and make adjustments.



Parameter Characteristic
1 Overall dimensions, mm. 1600х900х180
2 Shell powder coated galvanized steel
3 Glass Tempered 6 mm.
4 Adjustable luminous flux, illumination at measuring points on the surface of the machine 0 ÷ 5000 lx
5 LED modules 6500K 2 pc
6 LED modules 4000К 1 pc
7 Touch control panel VOLNA-P Switching operating modes
8 Electrical connection 220V, 50Hz

 * Serial production of VOLNA-AM3 stationary illuminators has several modifications. The optical scheme is selected according to the customer's task. To receive a catalog, send your request to our mail or call.


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