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Стол для контроля окраски и ЛКП покрытий ВОЛНА-СК

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The VOLNA-CK paint and varnish quality control desk can be used for the following types of control:

1. Control of coating defects: scratches, dents, debris, heterogeneity, smudges;

2. Polishing and hologram defects

3.Color matching, paint control.


Lighting control is performed via the touch panel VOLNA-P

Types of adjustments:

- Light intensity control;

- Color temperature control  3000- 6000К.


The optical control station is manufactured according to the dimensions, design and requirements of the Customer.

Supplements with any light sources and IR visualizers are possible.



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Laboratory complex SVX-K Full protected

Ultraviolet + Blue Light + IR light + Withe light

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