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Video pole camera Visor-TV3

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Video pole camera on a telescopic arm "Visor-TV3" is intended for visual inspection of hard-to-reach, including light-insulated, places that are out of direct reach.

The lightest design!!! Full wireless.

The new ligthest telescopic Pole inspection camera features small diameter camera head specially designed to perform inspections in total darkness. This telescopic pole camera is waterproof (IP67), and can be used to inspect areas that would otherwise be inaccessible including buildings, cavities, sewers, manholes, and tanks. These units can also be used by professionals like police, military, security, and customs for covert or hard to reach applications.

The inspection camera features a low light sensitive color camera (Optional: UV, VIS, IR)  head, 0.05 Lux, which is excellent for inspections in complete darkness. This camera head has 2 LED lights built into it, so for inspections in good light conditions, and in total darkness. The camera head also has 1 Mpix.  

The live color image is displayed on a 5” (Optional 7'')  LCD monitor with good resolution. This unit with onscreen adjustments for the brightness, contrast, color, tint, backlight and sharpness, and a DVR to capture images and video on to an SD memory card. Power comes from rechargeable batteries for portable use. This unit can also be used simultaneously for two operators and with additional ETG equipment (videoscope, TDK-1VR, VIZOR-MTU). 

These video pole cameras are sold as a complete set with the camera with telescopic poles, LCD monitor with DVR and SD memory card, power adapter, rechargeable batteries, compact packing case. 

Distinctive features:
- stand-alone three-section telescopic arm with a video camera (Optional extend to 2 sections);
- built-in LED illumination of darkened zones. Optional(IR, UV, Royal blue, Green, Red etc.);
- wireless transmission of video signal to the monitor at a distance of up to 6 m;
- built-in video recorder with photo and video recording function.

Delivery set:

- telescopic arm with a video camera;
- portable video monitor;
- a set of Li-Ion batteries;
- charger;
- storage case.


Weight of the full set in the packing  2,5 kg no more
Dimensions of the case no more 750х280х100 mm
Weight of the equipped telescopic rod with a video camera no more  0,5 kg
Monitor unit weight no more 0,65 kg
Operation time of the bar from a set of batteries under normal conditions not less180 min
Arm lengh  0,60-1,78, m
Camcorder color, PAL
Horizontal Resolution better than 700 TV lines
Sensitivity 0,05 lux
Angular field of view not less 70 °

Camera rotation angle manually

±120 °
Operating distance from  120 -  ∞ mm
Illumination system LED , white light
Monitor type LCD, color
Monitor screen size diagonal 127 mm
The distance between the monitor and arm up to 6 m
Warm-up time after turning on less than 10 с
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