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Forensic UV light sourse Dozor Spectrum-365L

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The Dozor Spectrum-365 expert light source is a compact and versatile high-power ultraviolet illuminator.

Dozor Spectrum-365 is equipped with a narrow-band LED, combined lens and focus control, which allows using the illuminator not only as a portable UV source, but also as a stationary device for laboratory research.

Expert light source Dozor Spectrum-365L - this modification has the main difference - a condenser lens. This lens allows you to achieve a uniform field of illumination (no optical aberrations), while maintaining the ability to focus.


Main advantages:

- UV LED with a wavelength of 365 nm (test protocol №0003 / 2016 of 03.29.2016, the claimed value of ± 5 nm);

- Focus adjustment;

- The maximum intensity is not less than 20,000 mW / m2;

- The minimum intensity is not less than 3000 mW / m2 at a distance of 38 cm (the widest focal position);

- Lens for a more uniform distribution of radiation over the surface;

- Сompact size 150x30 mm;

- The weight of the source without a battery is 150 g;

- Operating time from 4 to 7 hours, depending on the battery;

- compliance with the requirements of GOST 18442 and GOST 21105;

- visible illumination less than 10 lux;


Application :


- search for biological traces (forensic activity);

- verification of the authenticity of banknotes and securities;

- detection of hidden defects in materials

- checking the quality of products, food, etc.

- analysis and search for minerals

- search for mold and mildew, leaks in building structures;


Delivery set:

- Light source  with wavelength 365nm.;

- UV filter glasses - 2 pcs .;

- Battery at least 2800 mAh;

- Power supply;

- Tripod

- Waterproof and shockproof case;

* Wavelength modifications are possible:

365nm - UV 405nm ** - Violet 450nm ** - Blue 500nm ** - Blue 525nm ** - Green 590nm ** - Gold 630nm - Red

** Kit may include contrast filters

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