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УДК-1М Универсальный досмотровый комплект

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Designed for inspection of hard-to-reach places in building structures, vehicles, communications, in order to detect explosive devices, firearms and cold weapons, smuggling, means of covert information retrieval, as well as to control soft and loose media, search for solid objects and packages.

There is a possibility of sampling controlled material.The kit was developed taking into account the comments of qualified users of inspection equipment.


Large telescopic rod

Length of the working part of the large telescopic arm:

no more than 570 mm


not less than 1750 mm

The angle of inclination of the mirror not less than 0-115 degrees
Round mirror, large

ø145 mm

Round mirror, small

ø70 mm

Mirror rectangular

130х70 mm

Power illuminator:

6 battery type AAA

Hours of operation from the regular battery pack not less than 180 min

Rod material


Product weight in the complete set

no more than 0.7 kg

Assembled weight

no more than 0.55 kg

Small telescopic rod

Small telescopic rod length:


no more than 220 mm

not less than 710 mm

Small telescopic rod mirror diameter

38 mm

Set of probes Bekas-3M

230/4 mm


400/4 mm


400/5 mm


Universal screwdriver with nozzles including:

cross bits at least 6 pcs.


slotted bits at least 2pcs





3 batteries ААА



no more than 750x260x120 mm


3,0 kg


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