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ВИЗОР – 05P Подкатное досмотровое зеркало со светодиодной подсветкой

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VISOR - 05P consists of a plastic case on 4 wheels with a spherical mirror mounted on it, a built-in LED illuminator with a stepped dimmable lighting and a removable light-alloy telescopic rod.

The telescopic handle has an additional snap to prevent unintentional detachment from the carriage.


-Mirror spherical, plastic and shockproof

-Ultra-light design, the weight of all items less than 2,1kg

- Waterproof design

- The modular design and universal mounting. The set can be supplemented with inspection mirrors of standard sizes from the Vizor-01 and Vizor-02 sets.


The size of the spherical mirror, 285 * 315 mm
Mirror material - high-impact plastic
Angle of illumination of at least 120º
Carriage size 315 * 338x77 mm
The size of telescopic arm:
- in the folded position, no more than 58cm.
- with fully extended links, not less than 170cm.
Carriage weight, no more than 1,6kg.
Product weight no more than 2.1 kg
Power supply- 4хАА
Continuous operation time is not less than 5 hours.

Delivery set: 
Shockproof mirror with built-in illuminator - 1 pc.
Telescopic rod –  1 pc.
Protective cover for transporting the mirror - 1 pc.
Charger - 1pc.
AA batteries - 4 pcs.
User Manual -  1 pc
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